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Managing change through
bespoke training &
organisational transformation

“Why 70% of change efforts fail”

Bespoke training for organisational transformation

  • Accredited Training programmes
  • Rigorous Applied Learning Structures focused on measureable benefit to the company
  • Skills transfer for delivering change
  • Mentoring and Coaching of key individuals
  • Facilitating radical change for increased productivity, sales and profitability
  • Organisational Development to re-inforce new ways of working
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Eighty per cent of change efforts fail, maybe not totally but the overwhelming number do not achieve sustainable change.

Nobody likes change……….we even park in the same place out of habit. Change in life or especially in business can be scary but not if you are in control and drive the change yourself toward a real goal.

If you need root and branch change then a good place to start is Strategy and Deployment………..previous section

There are six key factors……all vital to delivering Sustainable Change

Vision - without which you get confusion
Skills - without which you get anxious
Incentives - without which you only get gradual change
Resources - without which you only get frustrations’ and slow progress
Action Plan - without which you only get false starts
Results - without which you lose support

The People for Profit & Planet [P4PP]® programme developed by William Battle Limited over 15 years utilising £4.6m of R&D funding has 12 Accredited Units at Level 4 each structured to deliver Sustainable Change through the Training and the Application of Learning.

Four of these programmes have been published as UK Government Guides for business and six more published as guides for Sustainable Enterprises’ funded by the European Commission.

Delivering Sustainable Change requires the following 10 steps.

  1. Create a Sense of Urgency: reasons why the Enterprise must change to address challenges or opportunities
  2. Obtain Chief Executive level sponsorship
  3. Win real support from the entire management team: actions are more than words, future careers depend on results
  4. Create a Vision: the Americans call it a ‘big hairy goat’ a picture of how the future will look and add the essential numbers
  5. Develop the ladder of strategy who has to do what to achieve the Vision
  6. Communicate 4 ways: Up, down and across the enterprise, the why, who and when, ask for ideas
  7. Training & Empowerment – when people have defined objectives train and mentor them, let them use their discretion to deliver change
  8. Beware of the Treacle: Treacle is ‘why things don’t change around here’ this is where the sponsor comes in
  9. Deliver Results: celebrate success, give recognition to where it is due
  10. Institutionalise new procedures through a performance management regime

The People for Profit & Planet [P4PP] ® programme is a Level 4 in the Qualification “Leadership for Sustainability”

But Managing Directors and Chief Executives choose the programme because it delivers organisational transformation for:-

  • Increased productivity
  • Innovation in Product and Process
  • Creating a culture of innovation often after acquisition
  • Supply Chain Partnering
  • Reduction in Waste
  • Succession Planning and Talent Management
  • Increasing Profitability and Business Value
  • Carbon Reduction

How it works:

Each programme normally delivered over a period of three months and comprises the following strategies:

  1. Select the Team – These will represent all areas of the business and are expected to commit to learn, apply and deliver results. Collectively they will be referred to as the Performance Management Team [PMT]
  2. Briefing – This is vital to set the “Ground Rules” and to agree the basis of working together.
  3. The P4PP Programme is designed to minimise disruption to the daily operation of the business.
  4. The Consultant / Trainer will Chair the meetings and deliver the Training sessions.

The P4PP Applied Learning sessions will normally be of 3 hours duration for the team collectively supplemented by one to one support for individuals to help them achieve their goals. The sessions may be once a week to start the programme moving to once every two to four weeks as soon as the team is seen to be performing and achieving results.

Throughout the Programme there will be independent discussions between the Managing Director acting as Sponsor to ensure that the actions meet with her approval and to dissolve any “treacle”, why things don’t get done around here! This is vital since P4PP focuses on delivering Measured Results especially increased Profits. This is the firm basis for any Sustainable Enterprise.


“We have utilised the People for Profit & Planet [P4PP]® training series particularly Units 1 & 2 to transform our organisation and build an enthusiastic and committed management team who are now driving the business forward to our next stage of growth."

Julian & Noela Palmer, Managing Directors
DERW Glass