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Strategy & Deployment,
Succession & Exit Planning and
CSR for Sustainability delivered
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Finalist in the 2013 Chartered Management Institute, annual National Management and Leadership Awards


Winning companies leadership programe

From January 2013 we have launched our Winning Companies leadership master class. Taking the context that 70% of change efforts fail we use the work of Peter Senge, Tom Peter's, Peter Drucker and Steven Covey to demonstrate our root map to deliver organisational change programs that work

Finalists in the Outstanding Training Provider of the Year Awards.

We were pleased to be nominated as one of five finalists in the above category. The competition has been strong but whatever the outcome we were delighted to be selected on the basis of the results that we have achieved with both Private and Public Sector clients through the application of the P4PP programme.


New Qualification in Leadership for Sustainability.

The People 4 Profit and Planet® Programme developed over 15 years with the aid of £4.6M of Research and Development funding has now been accredited as a level 4 qualification. Each of the twelve Training and Applied learning units has been mapped to the National Occupational Standards (NOS) for Leadership and Management.

The mapping has demonstrated the depth of the experience delivered through the application of the training and applied learning; coupled with the degree of commitment to delivering tangible and measurable benefits to the employer who must make the commitment to change and fund the programme.

It is a “hard won” solution for Managers and Leaders who seek to integrate their approach to Sustainability and deliver simultaneous Economic, Social and Environmental benefits to their organisation.