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Corporate Social Responsibility &
Low Carbon Sustainability

“Why Sustainability and CSR always takes second place and what to do about it!”

Corporate social & environmental sustainability

  • Collaborative working through Strategic Alliances
  • Delivering Sustainable Carbon Reduction through the engagement of front line staff
  • Environmental & supply chain Partnering for Cost and Waste Reduction, Innovation and increased profits
  • Cutting Waste in all its forms and adding value to the customer
  • Utilising Procurement for innovation, Social progress and capacity building
  • Actively promoting diversity in the management and workforce for innovation
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Beyond Green to Purple – if you think you know Sustainability think again!

For 30 years Environmental Sustainability, Carbon Reduction and CSR have been marginalised. It is a silo on the periphery of the purpose of both Enterprise and the Public Sector

There is an urgent need to mainstream Sustainability Carbon Reduction and CSR since these are often the last things on the mind of a CEO or Chief Executive.

Time for something new and radical – People for Profit & Planet [P4PP]® Applied Learning Series developed over 15 years with £4.6m of R&D funding delivers simultaneous Economic, Social/Health & Environmental Sustainability at both Strategic & Operational levels. It brings these issues from the margins to the mainstream because the 12 Applied Learning units deliver:-

  • Substantially increase profitability
  • Build business values and protect reputation
  • Achieve a lot more with less
  • Deliver a permanent Carbon Reduction
  • Substantially reduce waste in all its forms
  • Create Sustainable Supply Chains


Through engaging the entire workforce and training key people in the skills for delivering sustainable change.

These units also allow the Manager to achieve a Level 4 qualification in Leadership for Sustainability [NOTE: A Level 5 Qualification is currently being developed] to become an agent of Sustainable Change.

The People for Profit & Planet [P4PP]® Applied Learning programme delivers the essential skills for managers to think and act in the 3 dimensions of Sustainability. The measured results will be:-

  1. Increased profits
  2. Major carbon and waste reduction
  3. Improved Social outcomes

Building a model for a sustainable organisation has been the passion of William Battle Limited for over 20 years. The Principal of the Company, Peter Jenner, has been the lead for a Secretary of State for Wales’s initiative on the Environment and a major supporter of the ‘green’ movement before it became politically acceptable. He is an Alumnus of the American Governments International Visitors Leadership Program in this area.

The People for Profit & Planet [P4PP]® programme, developed over 15 years with £4.6m of R&D funding has now been accredited into a Leadership for Sustainability Award at level 5 [Level 7 under development].

From Green to Purple!

Sustainability Vector – The tool to evaluate the degree of current ‘joined up’ strategic thinking for departmental strategies. Measuring the level of synergy between Economic, Social/Health & Environmental related strategies. Building synergy to deliver a 15% increase in resource effectiveness. If Economic issues were BLUE, Social and Health issues RED and with the Environmental issues coloured GREEN then ‘3D’ Sustainability would be a deep PURPLE.

P4PP® Applied Learning programmes often based on UK Government guides, produced by William Battle Limited include:-

We MEASURE results through:

  • Increased profits
  • Reduced Costs
  • Carbon Savings
  • Increased productivity
  • Waste Reduction

The ‘bottom line’ benefits of P4PP® make it a top priority for Chief Executives, which is the first essential ingredient in managing change for Sustainability.

Our consultant trainers all have the ‘grey hairs’ of experience of what works and what doesn’t.

Their expertise in delivering deep change and organisational transformation through ‘Sustainable Thinking’.

Making an organisation sustainable and for purpose by releasing the creativity and commitment of the entire workforce is the key. Change driven from within through the transfer of critical skills to deliver a Strategic & Operational Sustainability.

Our client base for this programme includes a Large Private Sector organisation; Small to Medium sized Enterprises; NHS and Local Authorities.


“We are a Social Enterprise which is the last volume Harp Maker in Wales, we have used the People for Profit & Planet [P4PP]® programme to sharpen our entrepreneurial skills so that we can build our brand and take our new products to market within the UK and for Export."

Allan Shiers, Managing Director
Telynau Teifi