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Business Exit / Succession Planning

An honest, objective, self-assessment of the business and your personal aspirations provides a solid foundation to establish the framework for action to create a Business Succession TRANSFER® plan.

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The following section provides a format for undertaking a self-assessment of the business.

Work through the five components of the ‘TRANSFER ® Business Succession Planning Questionnaire’. Taking each statement individually, please select your answer from the adjacent box based upon whether you :


It is important that you answer the questions honestly in order to achieve a meaningful & appropriate feedback.

I have organised my business affairs to ensure that I obtain maximum value on business transfer for my
future lifestyle on retirement
Please select an item.
The business is structured to cope with sudden changes in circumstances e.g. death or ill-health Please select an item.
Sale or transfer has been discussed and resolved with other shareholders and their families Please select an item.
I have transferred responsibility to others which enables me to spend less and less time in the business Please select an item.
I have agreed the timetable for the transfer and my exit from my role with the key people in the business Please select an item.
The business is, or has the potential to be, cash-rich Please select an item.
The business is operating in a market where sales and profitability are growing Please select an item.
The business has a wide diversity of customers where the loss of the top two to three would not jeopardise
the future of the company
Please select an item.
All the factors that can increase the value of the business have been identified and action taken Please select an item.
The business has recently been professionally valued, which includes all tangible and intangible assets and liabilities Please select an item.
The business has used an assessment to identify key people who can be developed to succeed current
owner(s) / senior management
Please select an item.
Potential successors have been subjected to a rigorous assessment for current performance and future potential Please select an item.
A comprehensive successor development programme is in place that measures individual performance against
the company’s strategic goals
Please select an item.
Training and development of successors includes a structured period of development outside the company
(formal training, etc)
Please select an item.
The successor’s development process compliments the chosen exit option by current business owners / leaders Please select an item.
The business has an up-to-date shareholders agreement that protects the interests of all shareholders in the
event of serious illness or death
Please select an item.
A three year history of robust externally audited accounts is in place that represents the true financial performance
of the company
Please select an item.
All contractual agreements with customers, suppliers and employees are current Please select an item.
An action plan is in place to maximise shareholders’ personal wealth by minimising tax, including inheritance tax Please select an item.
The business has engaged business succession advisors to ensure that the personal, business, financial
and legal structures are in place for ensuring a smooth transfer of ownership
Please select an item.
Business owners have undertaken a detailed evaluation of all the potential exit options and have agreed the most appropriate exit option for the current shareholders Please select an item.
All shareholders and their families are in agreement regarding the selected exit option Please select an item.
Detailed job descriptions are in place to provide transparency for future roles and responsibilities within the company Please select an item.
The objective assessment of potential successors has identified the need for the development of alternative
exit strategies [possible recruitment needs]
Please select an item.
The chosen exit option is the optimum option for minimising tax liabilities (personal and business) Please select an item.